Beaker and Wrench Maximizes Cannabis Oil Processing

Beaker and Wrench designs and delivers innovative, scientifically developed equipment to improve your cannabis manufacturing process.

In today’s competitive market, extraction labs must produce a consistently pure and premium product while still turning a profit to stay in the game. Chemical solvents are one of the biggest lab expenses and can quickly add up, impacting your bottom line. By installing a solvent recovery system, like the one developed by leading processing equipment company Beaker and Wrench, you can create consistent extracts and improve the efficiency of your lab while minimizing overhead. Head Gasket

Beaker and Wrench Maximizes Cannabis Oil Processing

Founded in 2016 by cannabis industry experts Lilibel de la Puente and Agustus “Ace” Shelander, Beaker and Wrench is known industry-wide for creating innovative turn-key distillation equipment. Based out of Commerce, California, the company designs machinery that solves the bottleneck problems in cannabis oil distillation labs. The Beaker and Wrench team combines scientific expertise and real-world industry experience to develop innovative and conscientious extraction equipment.

Beaker and Wrench has recently added an easy-to-use Solvent Recovery system to its equipment lineup. This ultra-efficient and ultra-compact machine can process 450 liters per hour and requires no exterior heater and minimal cooling water. In addition to the machine’s energy efficiency, the solvent recovery machine has a user-friendly and effective computer control interface that allows it to be operated locally and remotely.

The real magic of the system is the patent-pending, closed-cycle heat pump distillation technology. It’s a membrane-free process that recovers and separates the chemical compounds once they reach a boil and begin condensing into vapor. The heat pump technology can help labs dramatically reduce their overheads and environmental footprint by reducing energy consumption. 

Let’s explore how investing in a Beaker and Wrench solvent recovery system ensures your lab can become a more cost-effective operation.

During extraction, compounds are separated and isolated from cannabis biomass using a solvent. The procedure commonly extracts soluble oils from organic materials using -86C ethanol or some other cryogenically cooled solvent. The oil is in crude form after being separated from the plant matter but is still bound up in the solvent and needs the distillation process to purify the final product.

However, chemical solvents are costly, especially in the amounts needed with commercial cannabis. The most practical approach to reducing costs and increasing yields when extracting cannabis is to recover and recycle solvents. Beaker and Wrench’s solvent recovery system can recover a variety of solvents, including acetone, ethanol, hexane and more. The recovery systems serve as solvent recyclers by eliminating particles, oils and dirt during the distillation process and repurposing the cleaning solvents. As a result, fewer solvent purchases are necessary, and chemical waste is continuously reduced.

Beaker and Wrench’s solvent recovery system is designed to be energy efficient. Your lab can recover five times the solvent for the same amount of power with close to 0% residual solvent remaining in the oil. Closed-cycle heat pump technology cuts energy consumption by up to 80%.

If your facility isn’t processing 450 liters of oil an hour, but you’re still looking for reliable and efficient solvent accessories, Beaker and Wrench’s solvent pumps will fulfill your processing requirements. Additionally, you can rest easy knowing that Beaker and Wrench pumps comply with good manufacturing practice guidelines.

Beaker and Wrench is committed to ensuring you get the highest quality and top-volume yield. The company doesn’t just sell systems; it delivers and installs the equipment and trains you and your staff to get the best possible results from your investment.

Designed to be plug-and-play, Beaker and Wrench’s turn-key systems roll off a lift gate and into your lab. They’re ready to use within a couple of hours, meaning you can get straight into doing what you do best—creating premium extracts. The overall result is a range of products that deliver both higher ease of use for busy professionals and purer output for the end-user. 

Whether you want to elevate your extraction lab or you’re looking to add extractions to your business, you want to use the best equipment possible. Book a consultation with Beaker and Wrench today.

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Beaker and Wrench Maximizes Cannabis Oil Processing

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